Communication Quality through Phonology  【210305】

Basic course information

Course type International Course Credits 1
Elective/Compulsory 必修 Course format 講義
Course start 春学期7月(July-Spring semester) Room L12会議室(7月4日と10日はD105室)

Course outline

Supervising lecturer Paul McAleese
Lecturer Paul McAleese
Course objectives  The overall objectives of this course are to improve delivery of spoken English in both conversation and presentation contexts. The course addresses speech quality at both word (segmental) and sentence (supra-segmental) levels. Word level aspects include effective pronunciation of specific sounds (phonemes) and syllable stress. Sentence level aspects include areas such as rhythm, intonation, sentence-level stress, speed, and pausing. This course will also introduce commonly-used bio-related vocabulary that is typically challenging for students to articulate.
Course methodology Active student participation will be expected in a range of pair-work and small group activities. During the course students will also be expected to rehearse, and record mini-presentations. There is also a self-study(homework) component to this course with students being expected to complete at least 1hour/lesson outside class.

Course plan

Comments Number Topic Content
1 Introductions Course overview, criteria for speech quality, warm-up speaking task
2 IPA and pronunciation Vocabulary and speaking task, review of IPA phonemes, pronunciation journey I
3 Word stress and pronunciation Vocabulary and speaking task, word stress task, pronunciation journey II
4 Voice inflection and intonation Vocabulary and speaking task, voice inflection and intonation task
5 First presentations and rhythm/stress Vocabulary and speaking and task, rhythm and sentence stress task, first presentations and feedback
6 Thought groups Vocabulary and speaking and task, thought group task
7 Final presentations Practicing and delivering final presentations, final feedback
8 Review Group presentation activity, final review & summary

Textbook/Reference book

Textbook None required
Reference book None required

Other information

Eligibility for this course
Consultation times Thursdays 3:30-5pm C102 (or make an appointment by email)
Grades/Evaluation The grade for this course will be based on two mini-presentations (30%), a final test (30%), participation in class activities (20%), and weekly vocabulary/pronunciation quizzes (20%)
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