Molecular Cell Biology 【220301】

Basic course information

Course type International Course Credits 1
Elective/Compulsory 必修 Course format 講義
Course start 1年次秋 Room 10/10【D105】10/17-12/19【L13】

Course outline

Supervising lecturer Maki H
Lecturer Inagaki, Ishida, Kawai, Komai, Saijo,Suetsugu, Umeda
Course objectives To provide fundamental concepts in modern cell biology of eukaryotes. This course examines the structure and regulatory mechanisms of the cell that constitutes animal/plant systems. “Molecular Cell Biology” offers students advanced exposure to the basics and forefront of cell biology research, which plays instrumental roles in medicine, biotechnology and agricultural biology.
Course methodology Before each lecture, students are expected to prepare themselves with the assigned readings from the textbook “Essential Cell Biology”. Each class starts with a 5-min quiz that asks simple questions from the assigned reading. Subsequently, a selected video lecture by an eminent researcher in the field will be viewed, followed by discussion. In the class, students are advised to be diligent in taking notes, which can be brought in when they take the final exam.

Course plan

Comments Number Topic Content
1 Introduction to the course / Mechanisms of DNA repair [Maki H] iBioSeminar (; Mechanism of DNA repair (by Jim Haber)
2 Lipids as organizers in cell membranes [Suetsugu] iBioSeminars: Lipids as organizers in cell membranes (by Kai Simons)
3 The molecular biology of gene regulation [Ishida] iBioSeminars: The molecular biology of gene regulation (by Robert Tijan)
4 Cytoskeletal motor proteins [Inagaki] iBioSeminars: Cytoskeletal motor proteins (by Ron Vale)
5 Protein secretion and vesicle traffic [Komai] iBioSeminars: Protein secretion and vesicle traffic (by Randy Schekman)
6 Adhesion, Signaling and Cancer [Kawai] iBioSeminars: Adhesion, signaling and cancer (by Mary Beckerle)
7 Protein kinases; structure, function and regulation [Saijo] iBioSeminars: Protein kinases; structure, function and regulation (by Susan Taylor)
8 Controlling the cell cycle [Umeda] iBioSeminars: Controlling the cell cycle (by David Morgan)

Textbook/Reference book

Textbook Alberts et al., Essential Cell Biology, 4th ed. (Garland Science)
Reference book iBioSeminars (

Other information

Eligibility for this course Assigned pre-class reading prior to each lecture.
Consultation times Available by appointments. Contact the instructors by e-mail.
Grades/Evaluation In-class quizzes 1-8 (40%) + Final exam (60%)
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Important information Final exam from 9:20 to 11:20 on Thursday, Dec. 25. You can bring in your own handwritten lecture notes.