UCD Online Seminar 【230304】

Basic course information

Course type International Course Credits
Elective/Compulsory 選択必修 Course format 演習
Course start 1, 2年次 Room L12会議室

Course outline

Supervising lecturer 中島 敬二
Lecturer 中島 敬二 ほか
Course objectives This UCD online seminar aims to offer a cooperative training platform to read and discuss original research papers with graduate students at University of California, Davis (UCD), through a video conference system. Although this class is jointly organized with the Department of Plant Biology at UCD, and hence papers to be covered are generally from topics in plant biology, students do not have to be currently in a plant biology lab.
Course methodology The class will meet once a week, a total of eight classes from Jan to Mar 2016, each being team-taught by a pair of NAIST and UCD professors. A detailed schedule is to be announced.

Course plan

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Textbook/Reference book

Textbook None specified
Reference book None specified

Other information

Eligibility for this course
Consultation times None specified
Grades/Evaluation Students have to attend at least six classes. Participation to discussion will be evaluated by the professors in charge of each class
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