Seminar II【240302】

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Course type International Course Credits 2
Elective/Compulsory 選択 Course format 講義
Course start 1年次秋学期 Room

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Supervising lecturer Laboratory Staff
Lecturer Laboratory Staff
Course objectives To acquire (i) the most up to date knowledge on/or related to one’s own field of study; (ii) the ability to read and understand articles and to be able to present clear summaries on them; (iii) knowledge on the types of experimental data needed to write a thesis; (iv) knowledge on the best way to present data in an article; (v) the ability to read an article critically, find flaws and suggest new projects to overcome them, and (vi) the ability to debate scientifically.
Course methodology To provide a more comprehensive knowledge on the field related to the presentation by reading and understanding a wide range of related literature in addition to that which is directly related to the presentation. To build the ability to make a presentation that clearly summarizes the most recent  findings in the thesis from the basic background information. Also, to encourage  active debate on the presentation.  

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