モバイルコンピューティング論 (130045)

担当教員 柴田 直樹(Naoki Shibata / しばた なおき)
単位数 :1単位 選択・必修 :選択 講義室 :L2 講義スタイル :講義/公開
開講時期 Ⅱ期 木曜1限

授業目的 This lecture will mainly focus on various techniques used in mobile computing and inter-vehicle communication. General techniques for enabling network applications are also introduced.

授業内容 This class consists of lectures and group discussion. I will give you a question in the lecture every week. After the lecture, the participants will join a group discussion and present an answer to the question. In the lecture, I will also give you demo programs with which you can see how the methods shown in the lecture works.


Chapter 1 Introduction and Lower Layers 導入と物理層・MAC層
* Moore's law and evolution of computers
* Categories of networks
* WiFi MAC layer
* Bluetooth

Chapter 2 Routing ルーティング
* Distance vector routing
* Link state routing

Chapter 3 Fitting and Optimization フィッティングと最適化
* Linear regression
* Conjugate gradient
* Linear programming
* Random search
* Simulated annealing
* Genetic algorithm
* Integer linear programming

Chapter 4 Network Coding, Multicasting and Video Delivery ネットワークコーディング,マルチキャスト・ビデオ配送
* Random network coding
* Video and audio encoding
* Error resilient video delivery
* Assessing video quality

Chapter 5 Bloom Filter and P2P Systems
* Public key encryption and certificate
* Counting Bloom filter
* Bitcoin

* Chapter 6 Positioning 位置推定
** GPS
** Various techniques for indoor positioning
*** Triangulation
*** Fingerprinting
*** Proximity
*** Vision analysis
*** Infrared
*** Ultrasound
*** Radio frequency

* Chapter 7 Simulators and Testbeds シミュレータとテストベッド
** Radio propagation models
** Mobility models
** Discrete event simulation
** Simulators
** Testbeds

The program is subject to minor change. 講義内容は一部変更になる可能性があります.

教科書 No textbook will be used. Powerpoint slides can be downloaded.

参考書 None 無し
履修条件 Fundamental knowledge on networking and programming is preferred.

成績評価 By mini reports. (70%)
Attending group discussion. (30%, grade point is deduced if you arrive late for class)

If a student cannot attend the lecture with a compelling reason and if there is a request from the advising professor, the grade can be evaluated 100% by mini reports.

Each report is evaluated and graded. If some part of a question is not answered, or the intent of the question is misunderstood, the grade point could be very low, or no score is given depending on the answer. Even if you attend every class and submit all reports, your grade could be F depending on how you answer in the reports.

Below are a few examples of the answers in the reports that could get very low grade points.
* The answer in the report lacks some part of the items that is instructed to be included. (e.g. The assignment is to summarize the arguments from both sides, but the report only summarizes one side of the opinions.)
* The intent of the question is misunderstood. (e.g. Even though the question asks the device for applying method A to problem B, the answer only explains method A, without any explanation specific to problem B.)

ミニレポート (70%)
グループディスカッションへの参加 (30%,授業に遅刻した場合は減点します)



* 解答に含めるように指示された項目が一つでも解答に含まれていない場合(例:ある事柄について賛成・反対の双方の意見をまとめるように指示されているのに,片方の意見しか書かれていない場合)
* 回答が課題の趣旨に沿っていない場合(例:手法Aを問題Bに適用する上でどのような工夫が考えられるかという質問に対して,問題Bに特有の話はせず,手法Aの一般的な説明だけをしている場合)
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Lecture Handouts
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