2022年度 リサーチプレゼンテーション (1013)


科目区分 一般科目 教職科目 指定なし
単位数 1 選択・必修・自由 選択必修
授業形態 講義 主な使用言語 英語
開講時期 各クラスを参照 履修登録システム 各クラスを参照
履修登録期間 各クラスを参照 履修取消期限 各クラスを参照


プログラム名 IS BS MS DS DGI
履修方法 ・Take 4 or more credits from General Subjects
・"Research Presentation" has 4 classes from A to D. Refer to class information when registering.

[Note] Classes A and B will be conducted face-to-face, and Classes C & D will be conducted real-time on-line through Webex.


担当責任教員 各クラス担当責任教員
担当教員 各クラス担当教員
教育目的/学修到達目標 【Learning Objectives】
English oral presentation is firmly established in the twenty-first century as a primary form of professional and scientific communication. This subject aims to develop students' proficiency in this mode of English communication through the development and presentation of their own research. This subject equips students with the language, skills, and knowledge needed to successfully give presentations about their research in English. For further details, please refer to each class.

【Learning Goals】
(1) Students will understand how to make effective visuals for an oral presentation.
(2) Students will understand how to deliver an effective oral presentation.
(3) Students will understand how to organize content effectively in an oral presentation.
(4) Students will be able to plan, perform, and reflect on doing a short oral presentation related to their research.

授業概要/指導方針 【Course Outline / Teaching Method】
Students will develop and give presentations in English. Students examine oral presentation skills from three angles: the physical message, including posture, voice and body language; the visual message, including slide design and effective use; and the story message, including the basic format and functions of an introduction, body, and conclusion, along with useful English phrases.

【Learning time (for review and preparation)】
Complete assignment of each lecture: 2 hours
Review each lecture: 2 hours


クラス名 担当教員
A Paul Geoffrey McAleese 詳細
B (Michael BARKER) 詳細
C (Sell David Alfred) 詳細
D (Sell David Alfred) 詳細


[1限目 9:20-10:50] [2限目 11:00-12:30] [3限目 13:30-15:00] [4限目 15:10-16:40] [5限目 16:50-18:20] [6限目 18:30-20:00]
回数 日付 [時間] 担当教員 テーマ 内容
1 A:5/20 [3]
B:1/10 [3]
C:5/12 [3]
D:1/12 [3]
各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照
2 A:6/3 [3]
B:1/17 [3]
C:5/19 [3]
D:1/19 [3]
各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照
3 A:6/17 [3]
B:1/31 [3]
C:6/2 [3]
D:2/2 [3]
各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照
4 A:6/24 [3]
B:2/7 [3]
C:6/16 [3]
D:2/9 [3]
各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照
5 A:7/1 [3]
B:2/14 [3]
C:6/23 [3]
D:2/16 [3]
各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照
6 A:7/15 [3]
B:2/21 [3]
C:6/30 [3]
D:3/2 [3]
各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照
7 A:7/22 [3]
B:2/28 [3]
C:7/7 [3]
D:3/9 [3]
各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照
8 A:7/29 [3]
B:3/14 [3]
C:7/14 [3]
D:3/16 [3]
各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照 各クラスを参照


テキスト No textbook required. Students will be provided with learning materials throughout the subject.
参考書 None


履修条件  None
オフィスアワー Eメールで連絡の上、日時を決める
成績評価の方法と基準 Grading (S, A, B, C, or D). Refer to each class for details.
関連科目 Academic Discussion, which provides a broader look at discussing your research in less formal formats.
Research Writing, which provides experience organizing and writing about your research. Many presentations are based on written articles.
注意事項 【授業時間外学修(予習・復習等)の目安】

This subject is open to all students but is most suitable for students who: (a) have completed the Research Writing subject, or (b) have experience presenting and discussing their research in English, or (c) have a TOEIC score higher than 650.