2022年度 異文化間コミュニケーション (1034)


科目区分 一般科目 教職科目 指定なし
単位数 1 選択・必修・自由 選択
授業形態 講義 主な使用言語 英語
開講時期 履修登録システム 使用する
履修登録期間 2022/12/22~2023/01/18 履修取消期限 2023/01/18


プログラム名 IS BS MS DS DGI


担当責任教員 Sell David Alfred
担当教員 (Sell David Alfred)
教育目的/学修到達目標 [Learning Objectives]
Through sources in the media and classroom discussions, students of different cultures find that they share some of their highest values. The course is intended to contribute to a higher appreciation of other cultures as a key to a more peaceful world.

[Learning Goals]
This course will help students grasp more deeply:
• respect for other cultures, customs and manners;
• the requirements for upright leadership;
• the need for true friendships in personal development;
• the vital role of the family for a society;
• the importance of professional ethics in research.
授業概要/指導方針 [Course Outline / Teaching Method]
In each class students are presented with an article or short video on an issue in the media to provide them an opportunity to share values they hold highly. Students write and then present orally their views and take part in a class discussion. There is a final presentation by each student on professional ethics in research and research publication.
All sessions will be offered as on-line real-time Webex meetings. The Webex link will be sent by email to registered students.

[Learning time (for review and preparation)]
Completion of the assignment for each class: 2 hours
Review of each class: 2 hours




[1限目 9:20-10:50] [2限目 11:00-12:30] [3限目 13:30-15:00] [4限目 15:10-16:40] [5限目 16:50-18:20] [6限目 18:30-20:00]
回数 日付 [時間] 担当教員 テーマ 内容
1 1/11 [3] David Sell What makes a good life? A lively presentation of the Harvard Study of Adult Development indicates that friendships and socializing typify happy and healthy people.
2 1/18 [3] David Sell Education Problems of school education in the U.S. are presented in a thought-provoking and humorous presentation by Sir Ken Robinson.
3 2/1 [3] David Sell Family Research shows that many children of divorce suffer deep and long-lasting psychological problems. Solutions in the family are discussed.
4 2/8 [3] David Sell Ecology Michael Schellenberger introduces his book Apocalypse Never, with data to argue that there is no need to panic about climate change.
5 2/15 [3] David Sell Leadership Alexandre Havard introduces his book Virtuous Leadership, where leadership is defined as character, including the character strengths of magnanimity and humility.
6 2/22 [3] David Sell The flight from conversation A psychologist and professor of MIT, Shirly Turkle, explains how electronic devices can rob us of real conversation.
7 3/1 [3] David Sell Manners and culture Table manners in the U.S. are described for comparison with Japan and other countries.
8 3/8 [3] David Sell Research misconduct Each student delivers a presentation on research misconduct, with examples.


[1限目 9:20-10:50] [2限目 11:00-12:30] [3限目 13:30-15:00] [4限目 15:10-16:40] [5限目 16:50-18:20] [6限目 18:30-20:00]
回数 日付 時間 講義室 備考
1 1/11 3 使用しない イノベーションマネジメントB (7026) 第1回と共同開講
2 1/18 3 使用しない イノベーションマネジメントB (7026) 第2回と共同開講
3 2/1 3 使用しない イノベーションマネジメントB (7026) 第3回と共同開講
4 2/8 3 使用しない イノベーションマネジメントB (7026) 第4回と共同開講
5 2/15 3 使用しない イノベーションマネジメントB (7026) 第5回と共同開講
6 2/22 3 使用しない イノベーションマネジメントB (7026) 第6回と共同開講
7 3/1 3 使用しない イノベーションマネジメントB (7026) 第7回と共同開講
8 3/8 3 使用しない イノベーションマネジメントB (7026) 第8回と共同開講


テキスト None required. Essays and articles from the press will be provided each class.
参考書 Material will be introduced throughout the course


履修条件 The course is offered for students of any year of the Doctoral / Master's Programs. Students from all countries are very welcome. The language of the course is English, but it is not required that you be fluent in English.
オフィスアワー Since this is an online course, there are no office hours. Please send an email for any consultation:
成績評価の方法と基準 - Evaluated as S, A, B, C or D
- 6 written assignments 60%; 6 short presentations 30%; Final presentation 10%
関連科目 None
注意事項 None